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Multicenter Graduate Program in Physiological Sciences


The Multicentric Postgraduate Program in Physiological Sciences (PPGMCF) stricto sensu (master's and doctorate) is accredited by CAPES (concept 4) and started its activities in March 2009. The main objectives of the Program are: the training of professionals trained to act in physiology and related areas; develop science of a high academic and technological level; the generation of knowledge, in harmony with the scientific, technological and social development of the country, as well as the strengthening and expansion of the Graduate Program in Physiological Sciences in Brazil.

The Brazilian Society of Physiology (SBFis) is the institution proposing the PPGMCF, which is governed by its own regulation and coordinated by the General Collegiate and Local Administrative Collegiates.  

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The PPGMCF conducts research around the Physiological Sciences Concentration Area, with studies divided into 13 different lines of research, dedicated to topics such as controlling energy metabolism and food intake, teaching physiology and scientific dissemination, physiology and pharmacology of natural products and synthetics, physioecology of aquatic and terrestrial animals, physiology of physical exercise, physiology of the cardiovascular system, physiology and pharmacology of pain, inflammation and tissue repair, endocrine physiology, neurophysiology and behavior, neuroimmunoendocrinology, regulation of respiratory function, regulation of balance hydroelectrolytic and intracellular signaling.

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